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I’ll help you identify the critical steps you need to start taking now to get yourself on the front foot for a low cost and low conflict separation and divorce - FAST.

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I'm passionate about helping women empower themselves save time save money reduce stress pick their battles gain clarity reduce fear rebuild their self-confidence minimise conflict build their team create healthy boundaries protect themselves and their kids rediscover themselves keep their family out of court see the light at the end of the tunnel smile in their separation and divorce.


Hi, I’m Kate

I’m a former lawyer and finance specialist turned Separation Strategist™, Divorce Mentor, and Life Transformation Coach for Women. Through my best-selling program, Separation Sanity™, I’ve helped hundreds of women from over the world empower themselves with the essential knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support they’ve needed to get themselves on the front foot for a low-cost and low-conflict separation and divorce - legally, financially, mentally, and emotionally - FAST.

My work draws on a unique and powerful combination of my own hard-won, first hand experience with domestic violence, separation, divorce, and single motherhood, and over 18 years professional experience gained as a lawyer, finance specialist, coach, and mentor.

Having worked hard to heal and rebuild all aspects of my own life from the ground up post-separation and divorce, I’m deeply passionate about helping other women do the same with as little stress, fear, cost, and conflict as possible.

I’m also a strong advocate for keeping as many families out of the family court as possible so that both parties can better spend their precious time, money, and energy can building a safer, happier, and healthier future for themselves and their kids.

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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2017 the median age for a man to get divorced in Australia was 45.5 years old and the median age for a woman to get divorced in Australia was 42.9 years old. The median duration from marriage to divorce was 12.0 years.


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Discover the 7 biggest mistakes women unknowingly make time and again while navigating their way through separation and divorce.

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This free pre-separation checklist will help you ensure you’ve covered all bases while you’re getting your ducks in a row for separation and divorce.

Knowledge is power, ladies. It’s also the antidote to fear. Minimise any stress, fear, or overwhelm you’re currently experiencing by grabbing this essential pre-separation checklist NOW so that you can start moving through it and ticking things off one by one.

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If you need clarity, an action plan, or some extra guidance and support right now, this 60-min call with Kate has your name all over it, beautiful.


Separation Sanity™


If you’d prefer more hand-holding and weekly telephone coaching and mentoring sessions with Kate to help you stay on track and make sure you’re dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’, this 12-week private coaching and mentoring program, Separation Sanity has been designed specifically for you.


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If you want to learn more about how you can effectively minimise stress, fear, cost and conflict in your separation and divorce but your other family or work commitments make regular private coaching sessions a no-fly zone for now then this 8-week, self-paced online training program, Split School™, is perfect for you.





If you need urgent help getting yourself on the front foot for separation and divorce - FAST - then this exclusive Fastlane Intensive™ day with Kate will help you start moving through all things separation and divorce related at lightning speed, while also making sure you’ve left no stones unturned.


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