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Former lawyer and finance specialist, Kate Boyden is a compassionate, inspirational, and deeply supportive Separation Strategist™, Divorce Mentor, and Life Transformation Coach for Women who are on a mission to navigate their way through all aspects of separation and divorce with as little stress, fear, cost, and conflict as possible.

Through her best-selling program, Separation Sanity™, Kate has helped hundreds of women from all over the world empower themselves with the essential knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support they’ve needed to get themselves on the front foot for a low-cost and low-conflict separation and divorce - FAST.

Kate draws on a unique and powerful combination of her own hard-won, first hand experience with domestic violence, separation, divorce, and single motherhood, and over 18 years professional experience as a lawyer, finance specialist, coach, and mentor.

Kate is passionate about keeping families out of stressful and expensive family court battles, wherever possible, so that both parties can better spend their precious time, money, and energy creating a safer, happier, and healthier future for themselves and their kids.

Kate holds a combined Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws from the University of Technology, Sydney. Kate is also a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Mind Detox Therapist, Life Coach, Sister Circle Facilitator, Relationship Workshop Facilitator, and Happiness Coach. Kate has been certified by Lifeline Australia to Recognise and Respond to Domestic and Family Violence and she has also completed the AVERT Family Violence Screening and Safety Planning Training Program with the Australian Institute of Social Relationships.

Kate lives with her family by the beach on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

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Interview topics 

Here are some interview topics that totally float MY boat

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I LOVE a good chat. It’s been suggested on many occasions in the past that I could talk under wet concrete. I blame both of my grandmas and my dad for this - whoa, can they chat! In the interest of keep both of your ears intact, let’s hone in on the following topics only, ok? I’ve got a tonne to say about all of them. And PS just a little heads up, sometimes I swear a little… especially when it’s a topic I feel really strongly about. Cool?

  • Separation

  • Divorce

  • Preparing for separation and divorce

  • Minimising costs and conflict in separation and divorce

  • Why you really don’t want your matter to go to the family court

  • Single mum life

  • Domestic Violence

  • Financial Abuse

  • Mental and Emotional Abuse

  • Physical Abuse

  • Child Abuse

  • Technological Abuse

  • Legal abuse

  • The challenges of leaving a narcissist

  • Parenting with a narcissist

  • Narcissistic Abuse

  • Respectful Co-parenting

  • Helping your kids cope with separation and divorce

  • Levelling the playing field for women in separation and divorce

  • Why women need to maintain their financial independence in their marriage

  • Life after separation and divorce

  • Dating with kids

  • Re-partnering after separation and divorce

  • Moving on from separation and divorce


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