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Hi, I'm Kate

I help women get themselves on the front foot for a low-stress, low-cost, and low-conflict separation and divorce - FAST!

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The decision to end your marriage is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make.  It's also one of the scariest.  This free guide will help you find your inner truth so that you can gain more clarity about whether you should keep working on your marriage, or start preparing to leave. 


pre-separation checklist 

Do you feel like you need to start getting your ducks in a row for a low-stress, low-cost, and low-conflict separation and divorce - FAST?  This comprehensive 30-page pre-separation checklist for women leaves no stone unturned.



If you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and uncertain about your future, you're not alone.  Learn more about how you can work privately with Kate or join one of our online coaching programs today!

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"Kate was the most reassuring, supportive, and informative guide and mentor I could have hoped for.  She had all of the answers I was looking for but more importantly, I felt like she really cared about me as an individual and that was exactly what I needed at the time.  Engaging Kate was honestly the best money I've ever spent! As a result of the work I did with Kate, my ex-husband and I had all of our parenting and property negotiations finalised amicably within a matter of months and with minimal involvement from the lawyers.  I'm proud to say we also have a great co-parenting relationship with each other now too and our children are thriving as a result."


SW, Sydney, Australia

Hi there, I'm Kate —

I'm passionate about keeping as many families out of the family court as possible

Through my best-selling private coaching program, Separation Sanity™, I've helped hundreds of women from all over the world empower themselves with the essential knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support they've needed to get themselves on the front foot for a low-cost and low-conflict separation and divorce - legally, financially, mentally, and emotionally - FAST

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