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"Kate's guidance was paramount to my journey through separation.  Kate helped me feel empowered, informed, and acknowledged.  She also helped me feel a light of hope in my world of darkness at the time."


Split School™


If you want to learn more about how you can effectively minimise stress, fear, cost, and conflict in your separation and divorce, but your family or work commitments make regular private coaching sessions a no-fly-zone for now, this 8-week self-paced online training program, Split School™ is perfect for you.

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Separation Sanity™

12-week private coaching and mentoring program, Separation Sanity™

My best-selling 1:1 private coaching and mentoring program, Separation Sanity™ has been designed specifically to help ladies just like you to quickly and easily empower yourself with the essential knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support you'll need to navigate your way through your current challenges - legally, financially, mentally, and emotionally - FAST! 

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Fastlane Intensive™

VIP 1-Day intensive with Kate

If you need to move extra fast and you need urgent help getting your ducks in a row ASAP, this exclusive 8-hour deep dive session, Fastlane Intensive™ with Kate is perfect for you.  Together, we'll quickly move through all things separation and divorce-related at lightning speed, leaving no stone unturned. 

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Meet your coach and mentor

Why trust me about this...

Hey beautiful, I'm Kate. I'm a former lawyer and finance specialist turned Separation Strategist™, Divorce Mentor, and Life Transformation Coach for Women.  Since 2015, I've helped over 600 smart, brave, stressed out, and overwhelmed women just like you to quickly empower themselves with the essential knowledge, guidance, strategy and support they've needed to navigate their way through all aspects of separation and divorce with as little stress, fear, cost, and conflict as possible.

Having also experienced the unique challenges of separation and divorce, domestic violence, financial abuse, and single motherhood myself, I have an intimate understanding of how stressful, scary, and overwhelming ending a marriage or defacto relationship can be.  Even more so if you're leaving a controlling, abusive, and/or narcissistic spouse, or if there are children involved.  



Should I stay or should I go?

The decision to end your marriage is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make.  It's also one of the scariest.

This free guide will help you find your inner truth and in turn, gain more clarity as to whether you should keep working on your marriage or start preparing to leave.