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We use our best endeavours to respond to messages within 48-hours, Monday to Friday.  Weekends are for the kids - both yours and ours.  Any messages received over the weekend will be read and responded to early the next week. 

Important - If you feel like you, your kids, your family member, or friend is in an immediate threat of danger or harm, please contact emergency services for urgent assistance.

If you're struggling with extreme stress, fear, anxiety, depression, or really dark thoughts, please beautiful mama - reach out to your doctor and/or Lifeline ASAP for some extra support. There are some wonderful people waiting on the end of the line to help you.

Please know that no matter how hard things may be for you right now, it won't be like this forever.  Things will get easier for you...  And we'll do whatever we can at our end to help too.

You've totally got this, beautiful - believe it! 🖤