Want to know how you can make it through separation and divorce without going broke or having a nervous breakdown? 

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I'm on a heartfelt and soul-driven mission to help thousands of women just like you to navigate their way through all aspects of separation and divorce with as little stress, fear, cost, and conflict as possible.

Sound familiar?

✔️  You used to be such a happy-go-lucky, brave, independent, and courageous women but now you feel like you're a shadow of your former self... 

✔️  Your confidence and self-esteem have been hammered in recent times and you barely recognise the woman you've become... 

✔️  You feel hemmed in financially and regretful of the fact that somewhere along the way, you lost your financial independence... 

✔️  You feel paralysed by stress, fear, and overwhelm and you're struggling to find the clarity you need to make smart decisions about your future... 

✔️  You feel crippled by self-doubt and you're constantly second-guessing yourself.  Should you stay or should you go? 

✔️  You crave happiness, joy, and peace and you're tired of feeling so empty and depleted...

✔️  You're worried about the impact your separation and divorce will have on your kids and you toss and turn at night wondering how on earth you'll survive financially on your own...

✔️  You know you need to start making smart decisions about your future but you feel like you're currently lacking the professional knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support you'll need to do this properly...

✔️  You really want someone experienced to hold your hand and help you navigate your way through your current challenges with as little stress, fear, cost, and conflict as possible - someone who totally gets it... 

I know exactly how that feels
and I can assure you...

  • whether you're currently staring down the barrel of separation and divorce and you're trying to work out whether you should stay or go


  • if you've already made the decision to end your marriage and you now need urgent help getting your ducks in a row; 


  • if you're already mid-stride in the separation and divorce process and you're really struggling to keep your head above water legally, financially, mentally, or emotionally; 


  • especially if you're determined to keep your separation and divorce as low-stress, low-cost, and low-conflict as possible, 

    then you've arrived at the perfect place and I can help you!

I've got your back, beautiful.

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Hi, I'm Kate

I'm a former lawyer and finance specialist turned Separation Strategist™ and Divorce Coach for Women.  I'm also a certified Health Coach, Mind Detox Therapist, Sister Circle Facilitator, and Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner.  I help smart, brave, stressed out, and overwhelmed women just like you to quickly empower themselves with the essential knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support they need to navigate their way through all aspects of separation and divorce with confidence, courage, and grace.

Since 2015, I've had the honour of working 1:1 with 600+ amazing women from all over the world and all walks of life including lawyers, doctors, actresses, stay-at-home mums, entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, healers, teachers, CEO's, media personalities, artists, investment bankers, tech specialists, authors, dance instructors, event planners, architects, personal assistants, HR specialists, emergency nurses, beauty therapists, project managers, real estate specialists, music industry executives, psychologists, fashion designers, flight attendants, childcare specialists, nuclear physicists, models, environmental engineers, travel agents, personal trainers, stylists, photographers, politicians, government advisors, coaches, chefs, reality TV personalities, entertainers, and many more... Smart, capable, family-oriented women just like you.  

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Why am I here?


  1. I'm crazy-passionate about helping as many women as possible to quickly gain the knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support they need to actively minimise any stress, fear, cost, and conflict in their separation and divorce.
  2. It breaks my heart to see a disproportionate number of women and children being unnecessarily broken and impoverished by nasty separation and divorce proceedings and a family law 'system' that repeatedly fails to give them the protection and support they need. 

    I'm here to show you how you can avoid falling through the nasty and often unexpected cracks of this very broken 'system' that has caused so much pain, loss, and hardship for so many women before you.  My heartfelt goal is to help you become more knowledgeable and better equipped to start making smart decisions NOW to avoid a similar outcome for yourself and your beautiful kids. 
  3. I have a lot of compassion and empathy for women who find themselves crippled by separation and divorce induced stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.  This is something I've also experienced and it's a total head-screw.  

    Over the years, I've discovered several helpful tools and tips that will help you keep your head above water mentally and emotionally so that you can better manage the intense feelings and fears as they arise.  I can't wait to share them with you.  Staying on top of your mental and emotional health is essential if you want a low-cost and low-conflict separation and divorce, beautiful. 
  4. I hate seeing so many men deliberately take advantage of their superior financial position and penchant for aggressive asset protection to punish their long-suffering former spouses with sickening legal blows and financial devastation for daring to leave them.  It's disgusting. 

    I love helping women gain the knowledge, guidance, strategy, and support they need to better protect themselves in this regard - legally, financially, mentally, and emotionally - FAST.
  5. I have a huge ethical issue with aggressive law firms profiting from the escalation of relatively simple family law matters into unnecessarily lengthy and expensive family court battles; battles that cause significant mental, emotional, and financial damage not only to the adults involved but more importantly, their precious children. 

    It's outrageous that law firms are still able to get away with this secret revenue amplifying tactic on the basis that they are operating 'under client instruction'.  I'm keen to educate women on how they can easily spot and avoid these warmongering law firms like the plague (and save themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of stress, fear, and overwhelm). 
  6. One of my greatest passions is helping women rediscover who they really are and what they really want so that they can gain the clarity they need to start designing a safer, happier, and healthier future for themselves and their kids; a future that feels deeply aligned with who they really are and what they really want.  A life they feel incredibly proud to call their own. 


"I don't know what I would have done without Kate's help and support.  She's so supportive, knowledgeable, and very generous with her time.  Having walked this path herself, she truly understands exactly what's involved not only from a practical perspective, but also from a mental and emotional perspective."


I believe that... 

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